From the farmers׳ stalls crowding Tel Aviv port, through the vibrant, bustling city center, all the way to the stores of antique dealers in Jaffa׳s flea market, the BARAKA HOUSE group presents four landmarks for gourmet cuisine and nightlife on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa map – Kitchen Market, Mashya, Magreb and Onza. Each of these restaurants has its own unique flavors, pace, and atmosphere, but all three are the creations of a professional team that attends to every last detail in order to deliver the perfect experience and, as the Group׳s name suggests, leave you with a sweet taste after each visit.

“Somewhere between the Kitchen Market, which is like our mother, and Mashya, our pride and joy, and Onza - our crazy little sister - we׳ve raised a family that we are very pleased to lead,”

say Asaf Lees and Alon Friedman.
owners of the BARAKA HOUSE Group


Kitchen Market is a contemporary gourmet restaurant on the upper floor of Shuk HaNamal farmer’s market in the Tel Aviv port, one of the city’s most beautiful spots. One side offers an unending view of the sparkling sea, and another looks out over the vibrant color of the bustling marketplace.


Inside the Mendeli Street Hotel, the kitchen of Mashya is filled with the spicy aroma of mace, the local spice that the restaurant is named for. Mashya is a restaurant with a focus on design, whose bright, clean look is trimmed with the rough and rugged textures of locally-sourced natural materials, helping it blend with the spirit of the nearby outdoor market.


Onza is the place where a young, vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious restaurant “cocktail”. Here, a sophisticated and innovative bar is blended with a meticulous menu created by chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso that gives Ottoman and Turkish cuisine a contemporary twist, using the finest ingredients and advanced cooking techniques.


Experience the MAGREB story of the tastes, aromas and colours of the North African and Mediterranean cultures. An hybrid venue that contains festive deli that serves hand made celebration of local and North African food, sizzling grill that roasts fresh meats served in an Israeli barbecue expirience, and a flaming Taboon that bakes hot breads and delicious pastryies.

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